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Introduction (blurb)

You are in command of the Enterprise-D. You are on a mission in the Romulan Neutral Zone. There are two main enemies in the game, the Romulans and the Chodak. Your mission is to locate some temporal device. But since you are in charge, you can choose whether you will follow orders or go looking for Romulan and Chodak ships to fight.


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  • Codis Mu VI
  • Codis Zeta V-A
  • Orientis Alpha IV
  • Orientis Gamma IIIB
  • Signis Epsilon IB
  • Starbase 202
  • Starbase 205
  • Starbase 220
  • Verenitor Alpha I
  • Verenitor Beta V
  • Verenitor Epsilon
  • Woki Beta VIIIA


States and Organisations


  • Pellentium
  • Ravarium


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