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"Future Proof" is an episode, i.e. a chain of missions, in Star Trek Online: Delta Rising, released as part of Season 11: "New Dawn". It debuted on 27 October 2015 with the featured episode "Sunrise" and features a resurgent Terran Empire as its primary antagonist, which apparently defeated the mirror Iconians using time travel.

The episode also included a revamp of the "Cardassian Struggle" episode that cut the storyline to four full missions plus a bridging mission from "Cloaked Intentions" and reduced the True Way to a background actor, as well as introducing a Terran Empire Reputation and the Admiralty System. The latter allows players to dispatch idle starships to perform missions on their own.



"Cardassian Struggle" episode

  • "Lost and Found" (27 October 2015)
  • "Spoils of War" (27 October 2015)
  • "Jabberwocky" (27 October 2015)
  • "The Factory" (27 October 2015)
  • "The New Link" (redesign of old mission; 27 October 2015)

"Future Proof" episode

  • "Sunrise" (27 October 2015)
  • "Stormbound" (19 November 2015)


  • "Assault on Terok Nor" (27 October 2015)
  • "Counterpoint" (27 October 2015)



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