G204-68468 was a Borg assembler ship of the collective in the 24th century. G204-68468 was in active service somewhere in the galaxy around the 2370s decade. (TNG video games: Armada, Armada II)

No history or fate is established for this vessel as its designation was randomly selected for a construction ship by the game software.
Borg assemblers
Borg Collective visual designation. G204-10848G204-11861G204-18600G204-18984G204-45044G204-45105G204-45444G204-45605G204-48684G204-48912G204-50055G204-50155G204-54580G204-68165G204-68468G204-74860G204-84068G204-84746G204-85615G204-86405G204-90484G204-94814G204-94474G204-98108 Borg Collective visual designation.
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