The GCS Glavakh was a Gorn Hegemony MA12-class cruiser in service in the late 24th century. Glavakh's commanding officer was Vekt. (TNG novel: Takedown)


In November 2385, Vekt was sent to the Far Embassy in the Paulson Nebula to represent the Gorn at the Summit of Eight between four Khitomer Accords and Typhon Pact powers each. Vekt was transformed by the Cytherians, who operated the faux space station, along with the other seven attendees.

Transformed into an "invested intelligence", Vekt took her ship onto a rampage, disabling six long-range communication arrays from different powers in the Beta Quadrant. Once each of the Eight had completed their assignment, they rendezvoused in the Kalpaius star system. Through an interlink chair-like apparatus, Vekt was directly connected with Glavakh's main computer.

Lured back to the Far Embassy by a ruse, a battle ensued between the Eight sans Admiral William T. Riker, who led a Federation flotilla of three ships in the defense of the perceived space station. Vekt and the rest of the ad-hoc cabal were returned to normal when Admiral Riker and Captain Jean-Luc Picard successfully negotiated with the Cytherian ambassadors Proctor and Caster. Afterwards, the Glavakh quickly exited the Paulson Nebula. (TNG novel: Takedown)



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