The GCS Gress'sril (also known as the Exeron[citation needed]) was a 23rd century Gorn starship, an MA-12 class class VI cruiser.

Service history and disposition[edit | edit source]

In the 2260s decade, this vessel was under the command of S'slee, and was the instrument of the devastating Gorn attack on the Federation outpost at planet Cestus III, the Cestus III Massacre. It was also known for being pursued by the Federation starship USS Enterprise after the massacre. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Arena; FASA RPG modules: Demand of Honor, Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update LUG RPG module: TOS Core Game Book)

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Connections[edit | edit source]

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GCS Gress'srilGCS Hssig'sseeGCS Sl'sasigri Seal of the Gorn.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Gress'sril was illustrated very vaguely in the remastered episodic presentation of "Arena" and does not closely resemble the MA-12 model as seen in FASA Corporation RPG reference works and modules, nor does it match the Gorn battlecruiser from the Last Unicorn RPG. The ship as seen might represent some sort of variant from the classes seen in non-canon works.

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