Gaalen Polt

Gaalen Polt, Andorian smuggler

Gaalen Polt is an Andorian wanted criminal and Captain of the freighter Polt's Legacy.

Born to in the less-than influential Keth Polt clan, known for a shipping corporation that worked between Andoria and the Orion border. He grew up following the clans traditions, cooking their recipes, and learning their wardrobe. He had been prepared to join the fleet of his parents and family, when at age 14 the Clan Council decided to dissolve the Polt clan do to low income, as it was the most honorable thing to do.

Gaalen and some of his followers of the Polt clan decided to continue their clan regardless, and set off for the Orion border - rather than join a different families clan like many did. Gaalen eventually ran into Emini Momed, an Orion who offered him and his followers service in the Orion fleet. Momed took Gaalen under his wing, and taught him everything about cargo freight.

By 25, Gaalen had earned command of his own ship, the Polt's Legacy, where his wives and husbands served as the bridge crew.

Two years later, while docked with a Starfleet patrol ship, he and his crew were delivering medical supplies to Cimera III, a Starfleet officer mentioned that a number of vessels with "Polt" in its name had been accused of delivering illegal substances. Polt, taking this as an offense against his honor, quickly stabbed the Starfleet officer and ordered the ship undocked and quickly jump to warp. Since this incident, he has been a wanted man in the Federation.


He believes the bureaucracy of the Federation and the Clan Council are the evils of the galaxy, and sees himself as a hero. He has a scar that crosses his right eye, and wears noticeably out of date traditional Andorian garb. He is knowledgeable in Andorian and Orion cultures and planet Lambda Orionis III, and is well trained in the hrisal.(The Andorians: Among the Clans)

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