Gabriel Michael Collins was a male Human archaeologist in the 24th century. He earned his Master's degree from Cambridge University, where he became friends with fellow student Carol Abramowitz. Both then went to Cairo to study for their doctoral degrees, where Collins met his future wife, Inara Skanda. He went on to become a professor of archaeology at Cambridge, and was granted tenure sometime prior to 2376. On stardate 53185.6, he and Skanda were married.

In early 2377, Collins led an archaeological mission to Icaria Prime, where he attempted to find a legendary object from the extinct Gretharan culture of that world, known as the Krialta. Collins, however, became obsessed with the Krialta, even as his team, as well as a three-person detail from the USS Enterprise-E, began to suffer migraines, hallucinations, and other symptoms. (CoE eBooks: Remembrance of Things Past, Book I, Remembrance of Things Past, Book II)

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