Captain Picard ran into one during his time on the USS Stargazer (NCC-2893) and hoped not to run into another one, in 2367 they ran into one on the way to Starbase 112, called for full stop, and turn off any nonessential electronic systems, and go as much to manual as they could. Ten-Forward was closed, Holodeck, the computer libraries were the turned off, replicators, were down, and they only had emergency rations, to eat. The only one not effected was Data and

Background Edit

The laser-pink lighting characteristic of the Effect arched jaggedly out of the murky cloud of gas that dominated the screen to touch an asteroids drifted by, the secondary waves hit the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), near the end of the three day storm.

Astrophysicists Thinking Edit

Was an reaction of certain electromagnetic energies with a very specific kind of gravitational field such as that caused by a cosmic string, perhaps, or even naturally occurring space warp

History Edit

Last one hundred years, seven ships been lost by storm like this, this effect was named for not for the ancient Hebrew archangel, but for the captain of the first starship to encounter one ans survive. Very little is known about about the storms themselves, had disturbing and disruptive influences on all kinds of electronic systems, Instruments and sensors could not be trusted to show correct measurements, solid state computer circuity went crazy, even simple electronic devices could malfunction or cease working entirely for not apparent reason. Computers were effected,

There were instances of highly changed reality changing waves erupting from the fringes of the storm like lighting, disrupting any field generating devices, such as the one to propel the faster then light.

One of the lost ships, U.S.S. Francis Drake was famous of the fatalities, Her hull, interior, and all hands had been transformed at the atomic level by some strange and unknown electromagnetic process into pure silica Seventy-five men an women lost there life before they knew what was happening.

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