Gadin was a 24th century Tarn individual who fought the Humans on Torgu-Va. He was a member of the Katula circle and a descendant of the Rashasa survivors.

Gadin's uniform was slightly altered to represent his status as clan leader. His sash was worn in the opposite direction (left to right) and had the symbol of his circle in the middle of the sash.

In 2367, Gadin was the leader of the Tarn forces on Torgu-Va. Harna Karish was the first member of the Tarn Empire that Gadin had ever met. He followed Tarn traditions for greetings and originally begged for forgiveness on behalf of his circle. However once Gadin understood the situation, he retained command of the Tarn forces. Gadin had called their struggle the War of Redemption of the Circle in an effort to regain the honor lost from their forefathers on the Rashasa.

Gadin was killed when the Tarn forces had set an Atomic bomb to detonate off the Human capital city on Torgu-Va. Gadin was cut down by enemy fire on the way back to the surface. Karish took command of the troops after Gadin's passing.


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