Gaius Selan was a Romulan Republican Force officer active in the 25th century.


Selan was a former officer of the Tal Shiar tasked with acquiring Borg technology. A mission went south and he was assimilated, and his organization made no effort to rescue either him or the other officers captured with him.

He was liberated by a Romulan Republic starship. He was pleased to be free of the Borg Collective but found reintegration challenging.

By 2409 Selan was the chief of security aboard the Romulan Republic flagship RRW Lleiset. (STO mission: "Republic Day")

He was present at a mission briefing before the attack on the Solanae Dyson sphere facility near the Dyson sphere's star. (STO - Solanae Dyson Sphere mission: "A Step Between Stars")

In 2410, the imprisoned Sela used a computer her Romulan Republic jailors had foolishly lent her to hack Selan's remaining Borg implants and force him to break her out of jail before her war crimes trial. An Alpha Quadrant Alliance commander who intercepted her in the Hobus system took back Selan as a condition of allowing Sela to remain free long enough to lead them to the Herald Sphere. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Uneasy Allies")


A hologram of Lieutenant Selan appeared in a computer simulation of the results of one possible use of the Krenim temporal weapon ship against the Iconians. In this scenario, Selan was a Tal Shiar officer assigned to a warbird that defected to the Republic. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Butterfly")



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Selan first appeared in a non-speaking role as a background NPC in Dyson Joint Command during the mission briefing of "A Step Between Stars". He was voiced in subsequent appearances by Gabriel Wolf. Around the time of the release of "Uneasy Allies", Wolf posted on his Facebook page that due to a business decision by the studio to use only California-based members of the Screen Actors' Guild for voice work, he had lost his job and his character would not be making any further appearances beyond those already recorded.


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