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The Galileo II (NCC-1701/7) was a Class F shuttlecraft assigned to the USS Enterprise in 2268 as a replacement for the second Galileo.


In 2268, the Galileo II was used to make contact with future descendants of the Enterprise crew on a radiation-soaked planet near the Shapley Center (having crashlanded the starship one thousand years earlier in a slingshot effect time-loop). (TOS - New Visions comic: "Time's Echo")

In 2269, Dr. Sevrin and his followers stole the Galileo II for part of their quest in finding Eden. The Galileo II was later recovered by the Enterprise. (TOS episode: "The Way to Eden")

This shuttlecraft was stolen by Spock One in 2269 and taken to Organia. He modified its engine so that it drew energy directly from Hilbert space, thus enabling it to travel at warp speed. The Organians later took James T. Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott to the shuttlecraft, where Scott constructed a device which, powered by the modified engine, disabled the thought-shield which had kept the Organians confined to their world. (TOS novel: Spock Must Die!)

The shuttlecraft was not named in the novel, but in its illustration on the cover of one of the German editions it bore the Galileo registry.

In 2269, Kirk and Spock searched for the Enterprise while aboard the Galileo II in a star system near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The starship was hidden by an experimental cloaking device. Spock activated the Automated Landing System Override to open the shuttle bay doors and expose the hangar deck. Unfortunately, the maneuver caught the attention of a Vas Hatham-class Romulan bird-of-prey commanded by Liviana Charvanek. (TOS - Year Four comic: "The Enterprise Experiment, Part 1")

Later, the Galileo II was used to investigate a Preserver city uncovered on Loren 5. (TOS - Year Four comics: "The Enterprise Experiment, Part 3", "The Enterprise Experiment, Part 4")


At least three incompatible sources detailed the fate of the shuttlecraft in 2270. Two sources described the loss of the vessel while another stated that it survived:


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