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Galloway was a 23rd century Human male. By the late 2270s, Galloway was serving in Starfleet as an operations division sergeant, assigned as security chief aboard the USS Enterprise, under the command of Admiral James T. Kirk. (TOS novel: Star Trek II Short Stories)

Early life[]

Galloway was born and raised on the planet Mars in the early-to-mid 23rd century. Being raised on a low gravity planet, the higher gravity on other worlds such as Earth was strange and exotic to Galloway, and he became determined to exercise constantly so that his legs would be strong enough to withstand higher gravity planets for long periods without giving way. (TOS short story: "Intelligence Test")

Starfleet career[]

Early assignments[]

After years of exercising his legs, Galloway finally became strong enough to fulfill his ambition to enter the Starfleet Security Forces School and train to be a security guard in Starfleet. Amongst the instructors who educated and trained Galloway were Sergeants-Major Workman and Franson, who both gave Galloway advice on how to deal with officers, and their reactions to combat.

Following his graduation from the Security Forces School, Galloway went on to serve aboard several starships, including the USS Leo, the USS Jassan, the USS Nelson and the USS Thelonii. (TOS short story: "Intelligence Test")

USS Enterprise[]

In the late 2270s, Galloway, now holding the rank of sergeant, was assigned for his first tour of duty aboard the USS Enterprise, where he was to serve as the ship's security chief.

In 2277, Galloway accompanied Admiral Kirk to the surface of Marris V to visit the Automate-66 pylene plant located on the planet. Shortly after beaming back aboard, Galloway and the majority of the Enterprise's crew were "taken over" by phytoplankton which had been brought aboard the ship from Marris V. Galloway was working on the Enterprise's bridge when Admiral Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu stormed the bridge to regain control, and was rendered unconscious. (TOS short story: "Wild Card")

Shortly after, Galloway joined Commander Spock's landing party to Omicron Theta V, and was ordered to set up a look-out post by Spock. (TOS short story: "The Secret Empire")



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