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Galorndon Core was home to a secret Romulan base for a period of time

Galorndon Core was a planet located in the Galorndon Core system in Federation space in the Beta Quadrant, half a light-year from the Romulan Neutral Zone in the Narendra sector of Tau Dewa sector block. (TNG episode: "The Enemy"; ST video game: Star Trek Online)

History and specifics

Ranging from class M to class L conditions, its atmosphere is ionized, rendering most advanced technology, including transporters erratic or inoperable. Humanoids exposed over long periods of time to this planetary energy field are prone to (treatable) neurological damage. Over the years, many conflicts between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire have taken place at Galorndon Core (TNG episodes: "The Enemy", "The Defector", "Unification, Part II"; VOY episode: "The Thaw"; TNG video game: Generations)

In 2333, the Starfleet vessel USS Stargazer was assigned to conduct a survey mission at Galorndon Core. (ST video game: Legacy)

Galorndon Core was the site of a 2366 Starfleet standoff with the Romulan Star Empire over two crashed soldiers and the at the time missing Geordi La Forge on the surface. It lay along a Barolian trade route, and was the site of exchanges of stolen Vulcan ships with the Romulans in 2368. (TNG episode: "The Enemy", TNG episode: "Unification, Part II")

Galorndon Core was originally class M, with a high level of biodiversity, which in 2157 was being studied by two human scientists, Doctors Emily Jensen and Hans Ruden. During the Earth-Romulan War, on Monday 22 August 2157, Enterprise fought the IRW Raon above the planet. The Raon was damaged, and made a warp-speed kamikaze run at the planet, igniting the planet's significant reserves of dilithium in a repeat of the Coridan III attack and rendering the planet uninhabitable. MACOs managed to evacuate the two scientists, although Sergeant Selma Guitierrez was wounded in a firefight with several Romulan soldiers. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

Star Trek Online presents an alternative take of the world's transition from Class M to Class L: The Romulans had a base on the planet as of the 2260s, and the Na'kuhl brought them a Doomsday machine. The intervention of Daniels and a 25th century Starfleet crew led to the deactivation of the planet-killer which then collided with the planet's surface.

While escaping from Rod Portlyn aboard the Shuttlecraft Shirley, Captain David Gold inadvertently ended up at Galorndon Core, drawing unwanted attention from Romulan Commander Tokk of the IRW Lomiya. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback)

Galorndon Core was the locale for Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi's battle drill number twenty aboard the USS da Vinci. (SCE eBook: Security)



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