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Galt (Ensign)

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'''Galt''' ([[2238]]-[[2257]]) was a [[Starfleet]][[Ensign]] who served on board the [[USS Farragut|USS ''Farragut'']]. He was killed by a dikironium cloud creature on [[Tycho IV]]. (''TOS'' novel: ''[[The Ashes of Eden]]'')
| Character Name = Galt
| type = fed
| family = no
| Icon1 = [[file:ufp-emblem.jpg|45px|UFP emblem image.]] [[file:farragut cmd insignia.jpg|40px|Assignment patch insignia.]]
| Gender = male
| Species = [[Human]]
| Affiliation = [[Federation]], [[Starfleet]]
| Born = [[2238]]
| Died = [[2257]] ([[Tycho IV]])
| FinalAssign = {{uSS|Farragut|NCC-1647}}
| Rank = [[ensign]]
| Insignia = [[file:2250s officer jacket.png|Sleeve insignia.]]
'''Galt''' ([[2238]]-[[2257]]) was a [[23rd century]] [[Human]] who served [[Starfleet]] as an [[ensign]], on board the {{uSS|Farragut|NCC-1647}}. Galt was one of many ''Farragut'' crewmembers killed by a [[dikironium cloud creature]] on [[Tycho IV]] in [[2257]].
In an experimental [[2293]] [[holoprogram]] of [[James T. Kirk]]'s missions, Kirk tried an alternate solution to the situation, where he led a [[landing party]] that directed the ''Farragut''{{'}}s [[weapon]] fire via remote [[sensor]] readings. In this simulation, Galt was killed on the [[planet]]'s surface, causing Kirk to reflect a moment on the loss of his nineteen-[[year]] old subordinate. ({{n|TOS|The Ashes of Eden}})
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