Galvan VI was a gas giant planet located in neutral space bordering the United Federation of Planets in the mid-24th century, the sixth planet in the Galvan star system. In 2373, it was chosen as a possible site for a test of a prototype device code-named Wildfire, designed to ignite gaseous planets such as Galvan VI into stars. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers surveyed Galvan VI sixteen times in the following three years before the site choice was finalized.

In 2376, the USS Orion came to Galvan VI, intending to deploy the Wildfire device; however, as they were delivering the device into the atmosphere, the ship was struck by a photonic energy grid of unknown origin and destroyed.

The USS da Vinci was dispatched to attempt to recover the Orion and retrieve the Wildfire device. That ship was similarly caught within the planet's atmosphere, and was only able to escape due to the sacrifice of Lieutenant Commander Kieran Duffy.

It was later discovered that Galvan VI was home to energy beings known as Ovanim, who had accidentally damaged both Starfleet ships in self-defense. As a gesture of peace, the Ovanim returned the Wildfire device and Duffy's body to the da Vinci. (SCE eBooks: Wildfire, Book 1, Wildfire, Book 2)

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