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The Game Operations Manual is a FASA RPG sourcebook, part of the starter pack of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. The book is part of the second edition Basic Set (FASA 2004) along with the Star Fleet Officer's Manual and Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook. All three books, combined with the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, make up the deluxe set (FASA 2001).

The book used specifications for the F'Lanari, an ape-like mammal native to Spartal IV, as an example of a new lifeform. As an example of creating a new civilization for the game, it developed a society which turned out to be 20th century Earth.

Publisher's description

The gamemaster has three tasks in Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. He must design the encounters, present them to players, and judge the resulting action. This book contains information to help him with these tasks.


  • Designing Adventures
  • Presenting Scenarios
  • Judging Player Character Creation
  • Judging Ground Action
  • Judging Starship Combat
  • Tables and Charts



Referenced only
Ray BradburyJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockLee Sterling

Starships and vehicles

Referenced only
battlecruiserUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Gorn shuttlecraftscoutshuttlecraftwarship


Referenced only
Earth (New YorkOld WestRome) • Spartal (Spartal IV)

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

FederationFederation Science CouncilStar Fleet (Starfleet Colonial Operations CommandStarfleet Galaxy Exploration CommandStarfleet Merchant Marine CommandStarfleet Military Operations Command) • United States Coast Guard


Starfleet Academy (Command SchoolDepartment Head School)

Science and technology

anatomyarcheologyastrogationastronauticsastronomyatombacteriadiagnostic tablebiocomputerbionicscardiostimulatorchemistryclass Mcloningcommunicationscomputercoradrenalinedeflector shieldDNAdrugearthquakeelectricityelectron microscopeengineexobiologyfirefissionfusiongeneticsgeologygeothermal energygravityheartbeat readerhypoimpulse enginelaserlibrary computermetallurgymeteorologymicrobiologymicroscopepoisonprotoplaserpsychoanalysisradio telescoperelativityscannerSCUBA gearsedativesensorshieldshield generatorspacecraftstarshipstimulantsubspace radiosurgerysurgeryterraformingtransistortransportertri-ox compoundturboliftX-ray

Personal equipment

agonizercommunicatorenvironmental suitlife support beltmed pouchpsychotricorderphasersubcutaneous transpondertricorderuniversal translator


arrowaxeblasterbowcrossbowclubdaggerdisruptorknifelaserlaser riflemacemachine gunphaser riflephaser-1phaser-2pistolrifleshotgunsword

Materials and substances

aluminumcarboncopperdiamonddilithiumflame gemgoldironmineraloxygenpergiumplutoniumrubyryetalyntopalineuraniumwater



Ranks and titles

ambassadorcaptaincenturionchief communications officerchief engineerchief helmsmanchief medical officerchief navigatorchief science officercommunications officerecologistengineering officerensignfirst officerguardhelmsmanjunior officerlieutenant junior grademedical officerminernavigatorpilotscience officersecurity chiefsecurity officersenior officersubcommander

Other references

20th centuryalienAndorian languageantimatteratmospherebeambridgebridgebuoycivilizationcolonyconferencecrystaldesertdiplomacyengineeringFederation lawfeudalismfive-year missionF'Lanari (myth) • GalactagalaxygravityHalloweenhistoryhospitalhourhourion stormkilometerlanding partylanguagelightmetalmind meldminingmoonmountainorbitplanetracereplicasecurityshieldsickbaysolar systemspacespacesports and gamesstandard orbitstunswimmingtelepathytribeVulcan nerve pinchwarp factor (warp threewarp ten) • World War IIyearzero gravity



  • Author credits
    • First edition game design and writing: Fantasimulations Associates (Guy W. McLimore, Jr., Greg K. Poehlein, David F. Tepool)
    • Second edition game design and development: W. John Wheeler, Jordan K. Weisman, Michael P. Bledsoe, Forest Brown, L. Ross Babcock III, Fantasimulations Associates
    • Second edition writing: W. John Wheeler


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