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Map of the block in 2410.

The Gamma Quadrant sector block was a block of 20 sectors located in the galaxy's Gamma Quadrant. By the 2410s decade, this space was claimed entirely by the Dominion. The Khitomer Alliance considered territory outside this sector block to be deep space. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "Armistice")


By the 2400s decade, the Dominion had expanded its territory towards the Idran sector, claiming the Idran star system aperture of "the Anomaly", the Bajoran wormhole. Alpha Quadrant powers were not allowed to enter either the Gamma Quadrant nor Dominion space. Nevertheless, traders like the Ferengi Farek operated in this region. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Operation Gamma")

Following the reawakening of the Hur'q and the subsequent destruction of the majority of Dominion fleets, Ambassador Odo of the Great Link travelled to Deep Space 9 to establish a partnership with the Khitomer Alliance. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "Storm Clouds Gather")

Members of the Khitomer Alliance were given some access to twenty sectors of Dominion-controlled space within the Gamma Quadrant. These formed a sector block arranged 4 by 5 sectors on a plane. The first excursion was the mission of Kai Kira Nerys to the Ennis system in the Ennis sector, where she intended the recover former Kai Opaka Sulan, stranded on the Ennis prison moon. The Dominion even provided Kai Kira with a cure for the nanobots that enforced the prison. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "Armistice")

Councillor Elim Garak of the Cardassian Union took the lead in investigation the reasons behind the Hur'q invasion, and held a cloaked fleet in reserve in this sector block. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "The Search")

The Founders' second homeworld, Empersa, was located just outside the Gamma Quadrant sector block. Following the resolution of the Hur'q conflict, the Hur'q Neutral Zone was established around the sector containing the Hur'q homeworld Havas-Kul.

The Dominion joined the Khitomer Alliance, enacting open borders and free trade policies. Leeta, wife of the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance, reported the beginning of the "New Latinum Rush" by Ferengi entering the Gamma Quadrant for new business. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "Home")

The Khitomer Alliance continued to be allowed into the Gamma Quadrant sector block to help the Jem'Hadar Vanguard Fleet engage remaining Hur'q hostiles. These skirmishes and battles were coordinated by Loriss 4, Odo's senior Vorta. (STO - Gamma Quadrant mission: "Gamma Quadrant Battlezone")

By the year 2769, the Dominion was a member of the Galactic Union, who operated the Temporal Fleet Station in a low orbit around New Khitomer, somewhere in this region. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Time and Tide")


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