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Gamma Tarses VII was a planet, the seventh planet of the Gamma Tarses system, located near the Federation frontier in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It was the homeworld of the advanced Tarsean civilization.

History and specifics[]

Gamma Tarses VII was a water world, with only five small islands providing a total surface area comparable to Manhattan. Tarseans covered the islands with tall towers and vertical farms.

Its distance from Earth was such that it would take a week to receive a subspace communication to a query from the Federation Council.

Millennia ago, the Tarsean starship Cam Tamo crashed on the planet. Surviving descendants became the planet's population.

In 2271, Gamma Tarses VII was one year prior to its induction into the Federation.

During a break in the refit of the USS Enterprise, Montgomery Scott lent a hand upgrading various technologies on the planet's island cities. He invited Leonard McCoy to help solve a series of mysterious spontaneous Tarsean deaths. Although the planet was located outside of the region that McCoy usually patrolled as part of the Frontier Medics Program, he, Doctor Jon Duncan and Theela visited the planet aboard Joanna. (TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Error")

Notable residents[]

  • Than D'Lora
  • Eela'h
  • Shar M'Sholo



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