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Ganymede was a moon in orbit of the planet Jupiter located in the Sol system. (ST reference: Star Charts) Ganymede was one of the four Galilean moons, all of which were made of silicate rock. Ganymede was one of three Galilean moons to have significant amounts of water ice. Ganymede was the largest satellite in the Sol system. (Decipher module: Worlds)


At some point, the Terran Intelligence Agency maintained an office on Ganymede. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

Reykeyser Industrial Metals (RIM) first drafted plans to setup a mining colony in 2140. The plans were halted due to the Earth-Romulan War. Initial surveys had been concluded by the time the war ended in 2160. Construction began in 2161, and the mining colony opened in 2165.

Since the 22nd century, and still active in the 2370s, RIM owned and operated an ore processing plant. RIM's plant was one of Earth's leading producer of steel and other industrial metals since its establishment. All of the plants were wholly or partly owned by RIM. Other owners and operators included the Andorian keth Vetra and the Klingon Katah family.

Ganymede's mining operations were connected with the Jupiter Outposts network. By 2370, 20 mines dotted Ganymede's surface, producing iron, copper and bauxite but yielding no precious metals.

A settlement of miners grew around the largest RIM plant on Ganymede, located in a crater. By the 2370s, Ganymedeville had a population of 20,000. (Decipher module: Worlds)

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