Garon II was a planet located in or near Federation space.

In the mid-2360s, the Federation starship USS Wellington visited the planet and experienced a disastrous away team mission. During the mission, Lieutenant Ro Laren disobeyed a direct order which resulted in the deaths of eight of her crewmates. At the conclusion of the mission, Ro faced a court martial, in which she was demoted to ensign and imprisoned in the stockade on Jaros II. (TNG episode: "Ensign Ro", DS9 novel: Avatar, Book One; TNG - Special #2 comic: "The Choice")

Leonard James Akaar presided over Ro's court martial and sentencing following the events at Garon II. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Lesser Evil)

In 2376, after Hiziki Gard mentioned to Ro Laren that he had been reading about the Garon II incident, Ro commented that Gard should know there were "extenuating circumstances" to the incident. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Cathedral)

Later in 2376, Elias Vaughn told Ro "I know what really happened on Garon II". (DS9 - Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel: Bajor: Fragments and Omens)

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