Gart Xerx was a 24th century Betazoid male who served as head of the Third House of Betazed. By the 2350s, Xerx had at least one daughter, Chandra.

As the influential head of one of Betazed's oldest families, Xerx was well respected by the United Federation of Planets, enough so, that the Federation was to send head of the embassy on Betazed as a representative at Chandra's wedding in 2359. Unfortunately, Roper was unable to attend, but his daughter, Wendy, and Starfleet Lieutenant William T. Riker went in his place, and were greeted by Xerx as they entered the chapel.

After introductions were made with Riker, Xerx had the embarrassing job of explaining about nudity at Betazoid weddings, after Xerx had begun undressing in front of the Starfleet officer. (TNG novel: Imzadi)

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