Gavron was a Gul of the Third Fleet in the Cardassian military and the father of Kam Gavron.


Gavron was decorated military commander and was considered a hero of Mintos Alpha.

On his daughter's birthday he took her to the spacedocks. When he had to attend matters he allowed his protégé Tak escort her. However when he returned he was infuriated with Tak for questioning his orders; his argument with his subordinate allowed his daughter to stow away on one of the ships. When it was discovered she was missing, he pinned blame on Tak, demoting him. Gavron eventually tracked his daughter's whereabouts to Deep Space 9. He took a fleet of eight Galor-class ships to demand her release else he would use lethal force. Much to his relief she was safe, being caught by the station's security as a 'spy'. He returned shortly to Cardassia with her. (DS9 novel: Prisoners of Peace)

When the Hive ship headed towards Cardassia with the intention of processing it, Gul Gavron was dispatched by the military to intercept and hopefully destroy it. Gavron eager to show his valor and earn a place as Gul-Tar led the attack. The Third Fleet engaged the Hive's defenses and had the upper hand in the battle, until the Hive ship reconfigured itself and obliterated the fleet. Gavron in his flagship survived and seeing no alternative chose to do a suicide run at the Hive. His sacrifice destroyed the Hive vessel saving Cardassia. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)

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