Gebaan, early in his life before his changes.

Gebaan, later known as the Pilot, was a Mezartine male, one of his race's greatest astrotacticians.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Geebaan's artificial body.

Gebaan became intrigued with the Mezartine marauders and joined them to help them fight. However he saw that he was old and frail. So, to preserve his skills, Gebaan transferred his consciousness into a artificial body that would endure for centuries to guide the marauders in fulfillment of their dream. After doing that, Gebaan relinquished his flesh and blood name and started to call himself, the Pilot. For hundreds of years he guided the marauders and their descendants finding them worthy opponents, devised strategies to assure them of victory, and thus vanquish their opponents.

In 2366, the Pilot and the marauders then took their warship, the Conqueror, to Errev where they kidnapped Lt. commander Data from the USS Enterprise-D. The Pilot required Data's body to continue his existence. Despite Data's objections, the Pilot was able place his consciousness into Data's android body. He then contacted the Enterprise-D's captain, Jean-Luc Picard for supplies. The Pilot then threatened to destroy the Enterprise-D if he refused. This caused his subordinate Rulaag, to question his tactics. (TNG comics: "The Pilot", "The Battle Within")

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