Gek was a male Ferengi.

In 2371, while eating at Rableg's restaurant on Ferenginar, Nog and Gronn met Gek, who challenged Nog to a game of chance. Gek was looking to take revenge for Nog beating him on a previous visit, although it was Gronn instead who accepted Gek's offer of a game, wagering a ruby that he claimed was from a Delkarian mining planet. Gek cheated during the game by using magnetic dice, although Nog was able to deactivate the device controlling them. Gronn won the game against Gek, admitting to Nog that the ruby was not of Delkarian origin. When Gek and his friends later attempted to attack Nog and Gronn, Nog told Gek that more Klingons might visit his gambling hall. (DS9 comic: "The Rules of Diplomacy")

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