The Geki colony, also known as Vesuvi V, was the fifth planet in the Vesuvi system. It was home to an underground Federation mining colony, and had two moons, Inyo and Mori. The planet was orbited by satellites as well as the supporting Geki Facility, and was administered by Doctor Soji Takahara.

In 2378, the Vesuvi star was destroyed by a Kessok Solarformer, an incident known as the Vesuvi Event. The event destroyed the inner four planets, and while both Geki and Vesuvi VI survived, they did not escape the effects of the sun's destruction unscathed. Both colonies sustained casualties and infrastructure damage, and the Geki Facility was also badly damaged and left derelict.

The Galaxy-class USS Dauntless was sent to Geki with supplies and relief teams. Its first mission there was delayed by the need to aid the USS Sovereign in the Tevron system. However, immediately after repelling Romulan attackers at Tevron, the Dauntless returned to Geki and beamed down supplies and relief teams. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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