Gell Terr

Gell Terr

Gell Terr was a Cardassian scientist that worked for Dr. Duran Nol.

In 2371, Terr and Nol returned from work on Rissa IV and arrived at the Hall of Science on Cardassia Prime to participate in the experiments on Thomas Riker to discover his origin. While Nol talked with Riker in private, Terr eavesdropped on them, and snuck away before being discovered.

When Nol presented her findings to the High Council of Cardassia Prime, Terr agreed with the findings and supported her. After leaving the hall, she asked why he supported her, and he confessed that he overheard her talking with Riker and heard her promise. He also told her that if she felt "prepared to commit treason, there'd have to be a good reason." She thanks him for what he explained. (DS9 comic: "Sole Asylum")

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