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Following on the success and popularity of Genesis Wave: Books One, Two, and Three, John Vornholt pulls together a group of Star Trek heroes with a mission unlike any other!
The passing of the Genesis wave has damaged hundreds of worlds in the newly named "Genesis sector," and chaos reigns throughout that area of space. Each world has been changed in different ways, and a group of extraordinary men and women—some old friends, some new faces—have been assigned the job of getting the devastated planets back on their feet.
Their first job: To resettle an entire displaced alien race on its altered home planet, where the dead come back to life, microbes have reached gigantic size, and the new ecology taking over the world is one not fit for man nor genetically altered beast


The planet Aluwna lays in the path of the Genesis Wave, though their resources cannot possibly save all of their population. Overseer Tejharet frees political prisoner (and his former lover) Professor Marla Karuw and agrees to make her regent if she can work a miracle. Her plan is to hold tens of thousands of people (though still only 10% of the population) in transporter pattern buffers on hundreds of satellites and tow them to safety, only rematerializing those people after the danger had past.

Young street urchins Farlo Fuzwick and Candra work their craft on the streets of Aluwna. They pick the pocket of a Vulcan, finding a unique perfume among their prizes. Soon after, both thieves are arrested and a genetic scan of Farlo reveals that he is a 96% match to the first Aluwnan monarch. Seeress Genoset quickly makes Farlo her consort in a bid to seize power from her husband, Tejharet and cementing Farlo’s position in the royal family. The lowborn Candra looks to her own survival during the Genesis crisis and makes contact with Regimol, who trades her safe passage for the stolen perfume. The “perfume”—actually a genetically engineered cocktail designed to fool the Aluwnan genetic purity scans that keep their society stratified—was concocted by another Aluwnan dissenter, Vilo Garlett.

The Wave reconstitutes the surface of Aluwna into an untamed jungle. Ambassador Worf and the crew of the I.K.S. Doghjey (including Alexander Rozhenko and Jeremy Aster) aid the Aluwnans, working to eradicate the monstrous plant creatures and moss impostors with little success. The Klingons are largely able to resist the influence of the moss creatures’ illusions, but Regent Karuw is deceived. Aster is injured and sent back to the Federation for medical treatment. Alexander is made the Klingons’s liaison to the Aluwnan government. Tejharet is murdered by an unknown woman, and Genoset’s other consort, Paadrin, ascends to leadership. He relieves Karuw and places both women under suspicion of the assassination. Leah Brahms, the Federation’s de facto expert on the Genesis Wave, arrives to help with the restoration of Aluwnan society on the planet, and she is joined soon after by the Enterprise, Regimol, and Raynr Sleven. The remaining transporter systems are found to be disastrously defective, having been infected by the moss.

Farlo discovers that Garlett tricked Candra into poisoning Overseer Tejharet, but keeps her safe from discovery and punishment. Garlett and Karuw also work in secret to unleash an experimental chromosynthesis procedure on the planet, which they hope will overwrite the Genesis matrix. However, the process goes horribly wrong when executed—the untamed surface becomes even more unforgiving, and a shockwave radiates out into space. The Enterprise is severely damaged and the Aluwnan flagship Darzor is destroyed with all hands, including Overseer Paadrin and Seeress Genoset. Picard and Sleven, working in Brahms suits, manage to save the Enterprise by ejecting its breaching warp core, though Sleven is fatally wounded.

A Klingon task force arrives to offer further aid, helping the Starfleet crew and the Aluwnans to conquer the reordered planet. Candra escapes prosecution for her misdeed. Karuw, feeling great guilt for the chromosynthesis failure, volunteers for a dangerous experiment to reset all the transporters to operation. The test is successful, and the majority of the Aluwnans held within pattern buffers are rematerialized, though Karuw’s pattern is lost. Farlo, the only surviving member of the royal family (despite his false genetic purity), ascends as sovereign, ushering in a new era for the Aluwnan people.

The events of this book take place concurrently with The Genesis Wave, Books I–III.



Jeremy AsterBarboWarlin BetzelLeah BrahmsCandraCodyBeverly CrusherDakjaluDataDyzFarlo FuzwikVilo GarletGherdinHarlam HazkenJagrowJenosetJuwarniHajhor KanowMarla KaruwKomplumKralenkGeordi La ForgeLazmonLonyaM'LorikMolafzonAlynna NechayevOrojopPadrinJean-Luc PicardRegimolWilliam RikerAlexander RozhenkoSkylerRaynr SlevenTaggerTaylenTejharetDeanna TroiUlornaUzelValerieWorf
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Marla AsterReginald BarclayJadzia DaxDevilGowronKahless, son of KahlessK'EhleyrK'mtarMaltzCarol MarcusNoahAlyssa OgawaAndrew PowellRahjhuMontgomery ScottTasha YarYorka


Alpha QuadrantAluwnaAluwnan systemBase OneBase TwoBlue Bird ApothecarybridgebrigCalm OceancockpitengineeringEsplanade Command CenterInstitute of Devotionmess hallobservation loungeRoyal Biology InstituteSanoset FieldshuttlebaysickbayStarfleet Medical CenterStone SpireSummer PalaceSunrise TempleTejmoltransporter roomuniverseWatermill Station
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Aluwna MinorBajorDeep Space 9EarthHakonHalls of the DivineHellLomarMyrmidonParisRomulusSanctuary for Public GoodSector 879SeranSolosos IIIStarbase 302Starbase 309Sto-Vo-KorVulcan

Starships and vehicles

Aluwnan freighter (freighter) • Darzor (royal yacht) • IKS DoghjeyUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • escape podJavlek (D'deridex-class) • USS Klamath (runabout) • monorailNavigator-class (shuttlecraft) • NivamolUSS Sovereign (Sovereign-class) • IKS Ya'Vang
Referenced only
USS BarcelonaKlingon bird-of-preyrowboatsubmarine

Races and cultures

AluwnanAluwnan serpentAndorianandroidAntosianBajoranBetazoidDeltanHuman (Terran) • Klingonmoss creatureRomulanUnnamed races and cultures
Referenced only

States and organizations

Aluwnan Science CouncilHouse of MartokKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireMission CommandRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVedek Assembly
Referenced only
Bureau of CultureBureau of PleasureCouncil of MinistersDominionFoundersGenesis ProjectKlingon High CouncilMaquisRomulan SenateStarfleet Medical

Science and technology

airlockalarm clockammoniaantibioticantidoteanti-Genesis Deviceantigrav gurneyartificial gravityatmospherebatterybeam emitterbiofilterbioneural networkbiosign monitorblizzardbloodbraincarbon dioxidecellular metamorphosiscentimeterchromasynthesischromosomechronometercoil assemblycom braceletcom medallioncommand chaircommunications pincommunicatorcomputercryo reactantdatabasedeuteriumdiameterdisruptordisruptor pistoldisruptor rifleDNADoppler compensation syncecosystemeggenergyenvironmental suitexplosive chargeextinguisherfirefireworksflashlightfood replicatorforce fieldfrequency boostergalaxygel-plasm power cellGenesis DeviceGenesis Wavehairheartheliumholodeckhologramholographic projectorhoming devicehourhurricanehydrogenhyposprayilzedenimpulse engineintercominterphase generatorisolinear chipjorwI'kedionkilometerlanternlaser cutterlightningmedical tricordermedicinemedkitmetermethaneminutemirrormolecular resolutionmutantnerve agentneutrinonightscopenovaocular implantoilorbOrb of Lifeorbitoxygenpaddparachuteperfume misterphaserphase-shifting radiation suitplasmapoisonpower packprobeprotomatterquantum resolutionradiationreactorreplicatorretina scannerrocketsatellitescannersecondsensorshovelslipstream particlesnowflakesolar panelsolar receptorsolar systemspace stationspannerspinestarstarshipstratospherestun sticksubspacesulfursurgerytentacleterraformingthermonuclear fusionthrustertracer devicetractor beamtransportertransporter boothtransporter buffertransporter padtransporter satellitetrash disintegratortricordervideoviewportviewscreenvolcanowalkie-talkiewarp coilwarp corewarp drive

Ranks and titles

administratoradmiralambassadorartisanartistbiologistcaptaincarpenterchancellorchief constablechief technicianclergymancommanderconductorconn officerconstablecopilotcounselorcowboycuratediplomatdoctorDuty chiefengineerfarmerFederation Ambassador to the Klingon Empirefield agentfirefighterfirst officergarbage collectorgardenergenetic engineerhealerhelmsmanjailerjunior weapons officermartyrmasonmerchantmonarchmusiciannurseofficerOverseerpainterpilotpolicemanprofessorprofiteerregentscholarscience advisorscience officerscientistsecurity officerSeeressseeress consortspecialisttactical officerteachertechniciantransporter operatorvedekvendorwarriorweapons officerWishman


amoebaanimalbatbirdblossombookwormCapellan power-catchameleondinosaurdragonflyelephantfishflowerfruitfungusgraingrubhumanoidinsectlampreyleechmaggotnestarnnujghargoctopusparasiteplantsea dragonsea serpentsea-wormslugsnailsnakespicespiderstingraytargtreeurim nutwatchbugworm

Other references

20th centuryabominable snowmanapothecaryautumnaway teambarbecuebasketballbat'lethbeads of worthbloodwinebulkheadcandleChristmascityclothingcometcratercrystalCursed HandcycleDark Agesdaydeath howldecadeDegh van'a'quvDivine HandDominion Waremergency rationFalse Divineflutegarlic butterghosthelmethistoryhomeworldhospitalironJefferies tubejewelkisskiteklaxonKlingoneseknifelaboratorylancelanding padlanding partylibrarylogiclyremachetemarblemarriagemek'lethmetalmeteormilkmillenniamonthmountainmusicnectarOfficer Exchange Programpaperperfumephilosophyphotographplanetpoetrypokerpublicity stuntquadrantquarantinerockropeR'uustaisaltsashsatinschoolsciencescrollscytheshish-kabobsilkstar chartsugarsuicidetelepathytransit passuniformunituniversitywarrantwaterweaponweddingyear



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