George Bosinney was a Human man and a member of Starfleet in the 24th century who worked in Engineering.

Bosinney graduated from Starfleet Academy; he was the youngest in his class at only 20 years old, and appeared much younger. He was considered a genius in mechanical and electronic technology. Soon after, circa 2359, he served aboard the USS Starbound. The Starbound was on a training cruise for graduates, and Bosinney was one of the trainees. There he worked under Chief Engineer Nichols, though with Nichols's failing skills, Bosinney was the preferred choice by the ship's commanding officers for engineering matters.

During the voyage, Ensign Tasha Yar discovered defective hand-held phasers during an inventory, and Security Chief Darryl Adin requested that Bosinney investigate the problem. Bosinney discovered that an incorrect circuit breaker had been placed in the charging unit for the phasers. Its continual resetting damaged the storage batteries and discharged the booster handles, rendering many of the ship's type-1 phasers and all of its type-2 phasers defective.

Soon after, the Starbound was attacked by an Orion pirate vessel. Bosinney was sent to engineering to get the ship to reach warp factor 6, but the ship was soon disabled. The Orions boarded the ship, and in the battle, Bosinney resorted to using a welder as a weapon. An Orion shot the welder, it exploded and destroyed Bosinney's right hand.

Bosinney survived the battle, and Adin encouraged him to return to work to save the crippled ship, against the protests of Doctor Trent. Bosinney agreed and was appointed acting chief engineer. Bosinney struggled to adapt to the loss of his hand, but was urged on by Adin and helped by fellow engineer T'Irnya, Adin arguing that Bosinney's mind was his strongest quality and Trent forced to concede that Bosinney's arm was still functional unless he actually fell on it. Bosinney eventually decided to strap instruments to the stump to aid him in his work. Finally, Bosinney supervised the rebuilding of a functional impulse engine from the remains of the damaged engines, enabling the Starbound to limp home to Starbase 18.

Despite everything that Adin had done, when Adin was arrested and accused of sabotaging his ship, Bosinney came to believe the allegations due to the scale of the evidence against him, particularly due to his bitterness over the loss of his hand as even the best prosthesis wouldn't be able to compensate for everything he'd lost. (TNG novel: Survivors)


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