For the mirror universe counterpart, see George Primmin (mirror).

George Primmin was a Human male who served as a member of the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. An officer in Starfleet Security, Primmin briefly served on board Deep Space 9 in 2369 as a Lieutenant.

Primmin's security career began in 2363. (ST website:

Lieutenant Primmin first arrived on DS9 in 2369 to help oversee the safe transfer of a deuridium shipment through Bajoran space. Arriving on the station, Primmin found station security chief Odo discussing the shipment with the Ferengi Quark, and decided to confront Odo. After Odo brushed off Primmin's criticism, Primmin reported to Commander Benjamin Sisko, who felt that Odo was just warning Quark that security was on to any schemes that Quark might have in mind. Sisko then told Primmin that being on the frontier meant that things didn't always get done the way Starfleet officers were taught on Earth, and to work with Odo. The two worked together to keep the deuridium from being hijacked, and Odo began to respect Primmin when he found a subspace shunt that would've disabled DS9's computers for close to an hour. (DS9 episode: "The Passenger")

When the Wadi transported the Deep Space 9 senior staff into their Chula game, Lt. Primmin was the only remaining senior officer left on the station, and was forced to assume command of ops until the return of Commander Sisko and the other senior officers. (DS9 episode: "Move Along Home")

When Starfleet posted a communique for the human fugitive L'sthwan, Primmin briefed Odo about the subject. Despite the fact that the communique was very vague, the station's crew became concerned that L'sthwan might be on the station when a Romulan female who arrived to play in The First Annual Deep Space Nine Poker Tournament was murdered while in a practice poker session. Despite Primmin's objections, Odo played in the game, and he was able to capture L'sthwan. After L'sthwan was captured, Odo asked Primmin to guard him in the station's brig. (DS9 novel: The Big Game)

In an alternate timeline, Primmin was the chief of security of Starbase 10 in the 2370s. (ST - Echoes and Refractions novel: A Gutted World)

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