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Commodore George Stocker was a male Human flag officer who served in Starfleet in the 23rd century.


Somewhat unusually, Stocker spent the entirety of his Starfleet career on desk-bound assignments. Because of this, Stocker lacked any battlefield experience or to really understand how a starship performs.

In 2267, Stocker was assigned command of Starbase 10, near the Romulan Neutral Zone, and was transported there by the USS Enterprise. Enroute to the starbase the Enterprise stopped off at Gamma Hydra IV, where Captain James T. Kirk and several members of his landing party contracted a disease which started to cause premature aging.

As the Enterprise continued on to Starbase 10 the condition of Kirk and the landing party rapidly deteriorated and Stocker was forced to assume command. Due to his inexperience, Stocker took the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone as a short cut to Starbase 10, but the starship was quickly surrounded by 10 Romulan warships. With little experience, Stocker soon found himself out of his depth, and was about to surrender, when a newly-cured Kirk arrived on the bridge and took charge of the situation. (TOS episode & Star Trek 7 novelization: The Deadly Years)

Stocker dispatched a patrol craft from Starbase 10 after Captain James T. Kirk defeated a group of Argon corsairs that threatened the base. (TOS comic: "The Argon Affair!")

Three years later, the Enterprise stopped off at Starbase 10 on its way back to Earth following the conclusion of its five-year mission. During the brief stopover, Stocker introduced Kirk to Willard Decker and apologized once again for his inexperience and actions three years earlier. (TOS - Annual comic: "The Final Voyage")



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