George Taylor was a Human living in an alternate reality.


Taylor was an astronaut, taking part in a deep space mission. After a prolonged period in cryogenic suspension, Taylor's craft landed on what he believed had been an alien world populated by sentient simians with humans as the animals. Though mistreated by most of the society, particularly by the orangutan Zaius, he managed to befriend two sympathetic chimpanzees, Cornelius and Zira, as well as the mute human Nova. Taylor eventually managed to escape the apes' settlement only to find a ruined Statue of Liberty and realized that he had landed on Earth, millennia in the future, after the planet had been ruined by World War III.

Thinking himself the last human, Taylor initially assumed that a landing party from the USS Enterprise were the apes sneaking up on his camp before Starfleet Captain James Kirk convinced him of their good intentions. When informed of the arsenal aboard the Enterprise, Taylor hoped to use the ship to overthrow ape society and conquer Earth. Though seeming to stand down after a discussion with Kirk, Taylor secretly knocked out Pavel Chekov and took the Starfleet officer's communicator. (TOS - The Primate Directive comic: "Issue 2")

Beamed aboard ship, Taylor knocked out John Kyle and took his uniform as a disguise. Making his way to the shuttlebay, Taylor intended to steal the Galileo only to be flummoxed by its alien control console, allowing time enough for Kirk to confront him and convince him that destroying the apes would make him no better than them. (TOS - The Primate Directive comic: "Issue 3")

After being briefed on the threat of the Klingons, Taylor instructed the Enterprise crew how best to blend in on Earth. (TOS - The Primate Directive comic: "Issue 4")

The Primate Directive, -2.png
Taylor meets Captain Kirk.
When the group managed to avert the outbreak of an ape civil war, Taylor was part of the group who confronted Kor's force before the Klingons fled the planet. Kirk offered Taylor a place aboard the Enterprise only for the man to boldly refuse, confident that he could find a new path for himself on his planet and restore the human race to its former glory. Turning down any provisions from the Enterprise, Taylor was returned to Liberty Island from where he set out on horseback with Nova. Three days later however, an old cobalt weapon was detonated, igniting the atmosphere of the Earth, wiping out all life. Taylor's legacy lived on his old spacecraft which some of his ape friends used to enact a slingshot effect to travel into Earth's past. (TOS - The Primate Directive comic: "Issue 5")
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