For the mirror universe counterpart, see Gerda Idun Asmund.


Starfleet officer Gerda Asmund and her twin sister, Idun, were the only two survivors of a Klingon attack on the Federation colony of Alpha Zion in (approximately) 2310. The Asmund children were only five at the time.

Several days after the attack, the children were found by a Klingon warrior named Warrohk, who adopted and raised the children as his own. At first Gerda and Idun were frightened of Warrohk, but soon came to embrace the Klingon way of life.


After the death of their adoptive father, Gerda and Idun returned to the Federation and attended Starfleet Academy on Earth. They graduated with honors. Gerda showed promise as navigation officer.

Gerda's first assignment out of the academy was as navigator on the USS daGama, where she served for six years.

By the year 2333, Gerda and Idun were assigned together on the USS Stargazer. The sisters, who still considered themselves Klingons at heart, hoped that the assignment would bring them adventure and glory.

By mid-2333, Gerda had begun a secret relationship with Stargazer chief medical officer, Dr. Carter Greyhorse. At first, Gerda had no interest in the Doctor, as she didn't see him as a warrior. It was only after Gerda attacked the persistant doctor, and Greyhorse fought back, did she return his interest. The relationship lasted 18 years, and in all that time, they kept their relationship a secret from everyone, including Idun.

In 2346, Morgen, the hereditary ruler of the planet Daa'V, joined the Stargazer crew. Morgen was a Daa'Vit, a species that shared a mutual enimity with the Klingon Empire and Gerda was not able to suppress her Klingon nature.

In the mid-24th century, Gerda unsuccessfully attempted to murder Morgen, claiming Klingon bloodright. She attempted suicide shortly after the attempt, but was saved by Dr. Greyhorse, an act that she never forgave him for.

Gerda was tried and found guilty of attempted murder. Gerda served her sentence, but was killed shortly thereafter in a shuttle accident. (Star Trek: Stargazer, TNG novel: Reunion)

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