Ghee P'Trell was a Caitian chirurgeon (doctor), born and raised on Andoria. Prior to the 2370s, P'Trell had conducted some remarkable research into the field of gerontology.

In 2371, the Federation Medical Council nominated P'Trell to receive the prestigious Carrington Award for his research work. Unfortunately, the award was won by Henri Roget. (DS9 episode: "Prophet Motive")

By December 2380, P'Trell had risen to become head of Starfleet Medical, in place of Doctor Beverly Crusher. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

Keith R.A. DeCandido explains on his website: "That P'Trell was "of Andor" was established in DS9 episode "Prophet Motive," but was never specified as Andorian. That he's a Caitian who was raised (and got his medical degree) on Andor is a conceit of the author's to reconcile the character's name, which doesn't follow established norms of Andorian nomenclature as seen in TOS episode "Journey to Babel," ENT episode "The Andorian Incident" and other ENT episodes, and the post-finale DS9 fiction."

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