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Continuing the adventures of the U.S.S. da Vinci, as Captain David Gold, Commander Sonya Gomez, and the rest of the Starfleet's miracle workers solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time.

Dr. Elizabeth Lense has left the da Vinci, returning to Earth to have the child conceived in another universe. But she arrives home to find that her estranged mother - renowned archaeologist Jennifer Almieri - is dead, and the investigation into her death is being handled by Starfleet. Soon Lense finds herself entwined in a web of intrigue, where everything she thought she knew about her mother is called into question.

Also returning to Earth is Bart Faulwell, recovering from the near-fatal injuries sustained in Signs from Heaven, and looking forward to a reunion with his lover Anthony Mark. But the reunion is far less satisfying than he'd been expecting.

Two crew members face major crossroads in their lives...


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Julian BashirCoburnLivilla DarlyHan DurenBart FaulwellElizabeth LenseJonathan LenseAnthony MarkLeonard McCoyGordon PlathBrett RyanMontgomery ScottJo SternPreston StrongT'Var
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Jennifer AlmieriJohann Sebastian BachRichard DaystromAlbert EinsteinMatt FranklinRachel GarrettDavid GoldJolenJohn Paul JonesIdit KahaynJames T. KirkWanda LandowskaMartiaP8 BlueRod PortlynSaadSarjenkaSharihanaSitarFabian Stevens

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USS da Vinci (Saber-class) • USS DefiantUSS ElginUSS Enterprise-CUSS Jenolen


ArdanaCardassiaCasperia PrimeDeep Space 9Drura SextusDumbarton GardensDumbarton OaksEarthGil'TarknaJerusalemOld GeorgetownPennsylvania AvenueR StreetRomeRura PentheSan FranciscoSherman's PlanetSol systemSpaceDockStarbase 375Starfleet CommandStratosVulcanWashington, DCWashington CircleWomb of Fire

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Gil'Tarkna native

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Romulan Star EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Criminal Investigative Service (SCIS) • Starfleet MedicalStarfleet Medical Forensics DivisionStarfleet SecurityUnited Earth PoliceXenoarchaeology and Antiquities Department

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AdonisAfrican violetAntarean scent-globeArdanan parasiteautopsyBajoran cicadabellaclavionBiblebioweaponbloodwoodbougainvilleabourbonBuddhaClass MdenticledienerDNAGenesisGospel of Saint JohnharpsichordjevoniteKefarian appleKewpie dollLincoln MemorialMarlburnian rubymetamorphmitochondriaNobel PrizePeckmanperfumePersonal Guidance SystemRosetta StoneSartusian pit bullsehlatWilliam ShakespeareshapeshiftersiliconSNP typingsonic decon unitstasis fieldtelemeretemplatetentacleTholian crystal-latticeTwelfth NighttransporterTyrolian purple carrotvermicelliVisiting Officers QuartersVoltakVulcan harpwedding


This story takes place one month after the events of Signs from Heaven.

This story makes reference to unidentifiable genetic material connected to an ancient Tholian settlement. Though this seems to echo some of the plot points in the Star Trek: Vanguard series, there does not seem to be an explicit connection.

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