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With Captain Picard shifted into another dimension, Commander Riker takes command of the Enterprise and negotiates with Worf's hot-tempered captors for his release. Troi tries to pick through the noise in her patient's head to unravel information on the extra-dimensional ghosts. Meanwhile, the missing Picard finds himself in a peculiar leadership role.


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  • First officer's log, Stardate 44571.6 
    Captain Picard is missing following a defensive maneuver that placed the bridge of the Enterprise in the path of a zoor energy cloud, and an unanticipated after-effect of an earlier disaster. With the missile attack which prompted the defensive maneuver over and our chief of engineering's hypothesis that the captain is likely unharmed. I have put the ship on yellow alert until we determine the best strategy for finding him.



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USS Enterprise-D


Allios IV

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