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Gi'ral was a Klingon female serving in the Klingon Defense Forces on Khitomer in 2346. When the Romulans attacked the colony (in an attack later known as the Khitomer Massacre), Gi'ral and many other Klingons, instead of dying with honor, were instead knocked out and captured. The prisoners were transporter to Carraya IV, and eventually the Romulans and Klingons on the planet learned to live with each other after the war ended. Gi'ral even married the commander of the internment camp, Tokath, and had a daughter with him named Ba'el.

In 2369, Worf, searching for his father Mogh, found the colony with information procured by a Yridian dealer, and upon being captured, struck up a romantic attraction with Ba'el. Gi'ral could sense this, and did everything she could to discourage them. When Worf refused to be confined to the colony any longer, Tokath ordered a firing squad to execute him, but he and Gi'ral stopped the execution when Ba'el went in front of the squad.

When Worf and many younger colony members left the planet, Gi'ral remained with her family. (TNG episode: "Birthright", Parts I & II)

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