Giered Charas was an Andorian who served as an officer in the Federation Starfleet in the 22nd century.

History Edit

By 2165, Charas held the rank of commander and served as the first officer and security chief on the USS Vol'Rala under the command of Captain Resthenar sh'Prenni. He developed an interesting love-hate friendship with science officer Hari Banerji, the only Human serving on the Andorian ship.

In July of that year, during the Ware campaign, he led a boarding party that raided the Ware orbital station under the authority of the Partnership of Civilizations and extracted several beings used as computer processors, but they turned out to be volunteers as per Partnership custom.

Later that month, the Vol'Rala arrived at the Partnership world Rasthis to deactivate all Ware in the system, but they were confronted by a fleet of Klingon privateer ships lead by the SuD Qav, under the command of Captain Lokog, who was hired by the Partnership for protection. The Andorian crew fought fearlessly to liberate the planet, but eventually the larger number of the Klingons overpowered them and Vol'Rala was disabled. Charas along with the rest of the crew were taken into custody by the Partnership, pending trial for genocide for their "liberation" of the Etrafso system earlier that month.

After realizing the consequences of their action on the Partnership that cost thousands of lives, Starfleet spent months to try and correct their mistakes and arrange a pardon for Vol'Rala's crew. With the threat of an impending Klingon invasion, Charas and his crew were released, to allow them to make amends for their actions.

In October, after a valiant fight to cover the evacuation of the Partnership planet Cotesc, Vol'Rala was destroyed with all hands by the invading Klingon fleet. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)



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