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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Gilaad Ben Zoma (mirror).

Gilaad Ben Zoma was a 24th century Human man who served as an officer in the Federation Starfleet.


The Stargazer[]

Ben Zoma was serving as the USS Stargazer's chief of security in 2333 when ship's captain Daithan Ruhalter was killed, and first officer Stephen Leach was put into a coma in battle with the Nuyyad.

Ship's second officer and good friend of Ben Zoma, Commander Jean-Luc Picard assumed command of the Stargazer and elevated Ben Zoma to the position of first officer. (TNG novel: The Valiant)

Ben Zoma served loyally as Picard's first officer for over 20 years until being promoted to captain. (TNG novels: Reunion, Requiem, The First Virtue)

Gilaad Ben Zoma had a younger brother, Levi, who was born within 10 years of Gilaad. As of 2333, Levi ran a research colony on Bejarus III and had a couple of kids. (STA novel: Oblivion)

Captain Ben Zoma[]

Captain Ben Zoma took command of the USS Lexington in the early 2360s. Serving under Ben Zoma was former Stargazer chief of security, Peter "Pug" Joseph, who served in the same security position onboard the Lexington. Tricia Cadwallader, formerly junior communication officer aboard the Stargazer, was Ben Zoma's second officer on the Lexington.

In 2367, Tricia Cadwallader, Ben Zoma and Joseph were traveling on board the USS Enterprise-D to the planet Daa'V, to attend the coronation of Morgen, the hereditary ruler of Daa'V, and former Stargazer crewmate.

During the voyage, attempts were made on the lives of both Ben Zoma and Morgen. Enterprise security chief Worf investigated the matter, and discovered that the would-be killer was the former chief medical officer of the Stargazer, Carter Greyhorse, who was attempting to eliminate all of those whom he believed to be responsible for the death of his lover, Lieutenant Gerda Asmund. Ben Zoma was narrowly saved from a potentially fatal stabbing by Lieutenant Worf, and Idun (Gerda's twin sister), helped inspire Doctor Beverly Crusher to realize that Ben Zoma had also been poisoned in time to properly treat his injuries, although Ben Zoma was apparently unable to attend Morgen's coronation in his original role. (TNG novel: Reunion)

The Dominion War[]

In late 2373, in the early days of the Dominion War, Ben Zoma was undercover as part of an anthropological study of the people of the planet Illarh, when the planet was taken by the Jem'Hadar. Ben Zoma, who was surgically altered to appear as a native, distracted the Vorta commander, Sejeel, with the tale of a "dream" that Ben Zoma claimed to have had about the defeat of the Jem'Hadar.

Ben Zoma's distraction worked, and the USS Enterprise-E managed to take out the Dominion's shield generator, and retake the world from the Dominion. (STA - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "What Dreams May Come")

First Splinter timeline[]

Following the war, Ben Zoma assumed command of the USS Hedderjin. (TNG novel: Death in Winter)



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