Ensign Gilden was a Human, a 23rd century member of Starfleet who served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in 2270, as an assistant historian.

When the Enterprise was captured by the crew of the time travel vessel Nautilus, Gilden was trapped in a corridor on deck 7, near his quarters and Chief Science Officer Spock's office when all the ship's doors were sealed. He remained there, in the dark, until two of the intruders, Raksha and Adajia, entered the corridor and stunned him with a phaser. When the intruders led a captured Kirk and Spock from the science office, Kirk noted thankfully that Gilden was still alive.

When Kirk escaped from a deck 7 cargo bay where the intruders left him, Gilden helped Kirk open a magnetic lock with two styli from his log pad.

Because of the aftereffects of the mission, all memory of these events was removed from the crew's minds, meaning that Gilden would not recall the incident. (TOS novel: Crossroad)

Gilden, like many other characters in Crossroad, is possibly named for a Star Trek author, Mel Gilden.
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