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Gileus (also known as Gileus I) was Praetor of the Romulan Empire in the 22nd century, during the war against Earth and the Coalition of Planets. He was seen as being cruel, ambitious, careful, and intelligent leader.


In his time as Praetor, Gileus oversaw operations such as the attempt to bring Vulcan into the empire[1], and sowing distrust between the Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites[2], with Humans foiling their plans. He also made sure that the empire would only defeat less advanced worlds with ample resources that could be easily controlled. By 2156, Gileus saw that the Coalition of Plantets was on the verge of a military alliance.

When Starfleet built Starbase 1 on Algeron along the Romulan border, Gileus sent spies posing as Vulcans to gather information on the base. Gileus then had his naval chief staff, Admiral Mindar to plan the attack on Algeron to claim it for the empire, despite the admiral's objections. Gileus then sent a subspace message claiming that the Algeron system belonged to Romulus and ordering Earth to abandon it immediately. Following the empire's victory at Algeron, Gileus received a warning from Nathan Samuels asking to discuss the attack or Earth would be forced to respond. In response, Gileus sent his ships to destroy the rest of Earth's fleet and isolate Earth to prepare for another attack. When the war started, Gileus and his miitary advisers decided to use the Denobulan system as a staging area to attack Earth. Gileus then had his fleet start the attack on Earth by destroying Utopia Planitia's Verteron Array and then attack Earth. However the attack failed and Gileus had Mindar executed for his failure.

Mindar's execution was one of Gileus's mistakes that led to his downfall. He then ordered that more ships be built and they be equipped with cloaking device. To do this, he turned to the world of Cheron to improve the cloaking device's technology. However, by doing this, Gileus created shortages on Romulus, putting him politically at risk. At the Battle of Cheron, Gileus panicked and ordered his ships to return to Romulus and protect their home. He did this not to win, but to protect his power, in case Romulus was attacked by the Denobulan/Earth fleet. He then decided to contact Earth and begin negotiations for peace to end the war. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)


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