Gimba was a male Ferengi who was ultimately in charge of the hijacking of the antimatter tanker Phoenix in 2370. He hired renegade Klingons to attack the tanker. He also hired Bajoran terrorists, led by Rizo, to overtake the ship. Later, when Rizo wanted to keep the antimatter as payment for the lives lost, Gimba allowed Benjamin Sisko/Marcus Garvey and Jadzia Dax/Jade Dixon to act as mediators. Sisko and Dax later convinced Gimba to betray Rizo. However, Sisko and Dax also double crossed Gimba and managed to get away with the tanker. Gimba gave chase and tried negotiating with Sisko. Sisko would not negotiate and, with the Phoenix's help, escaped the Marauder. Gimba later died when the Marauder was destroyed by Cardassian fighters.

Quark had apparently known Gimba because he told Major Kira Nerys that he had a wonderful harem. After hearing about Gimba's death, Quark noted that he would be relieved to know that someone profited from his death. (DS9 novel: Antimatter)

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