Giriaenn Lilaeannin eb Vairan Gela-syr was a Manraloth and was the Sisterdweller of the Worldring Vairashu V in the Ranaeth Cluster.

She was discovered in a time stasis field by Jean-Luc Picard and Kathryn Janeway. Picard gave her the name "Ariel", since she suffered from amnesia. During their travels and time spent together, Picard fell in love with her, and they spent many months putting together a team of Starfleet specialists who would eventually search for other Manraloth. Giriaenn pushed Picard to rejoin Starfleet, and he was given command of the Miranda-class USS Portia.

Giriaenn regained her memories, but kept the fact from Picard due to the fact that she planned, along with any other Manraloth they were able to recover, to destroy the Federation in order to save the galaxy. However, her attempts to accomplish this by sabotaging the new Galaxy-class failed thanks to the intervention of Data, who was immune to her attempts to influence others and was able to determine the presence of the quantum virus she had added to Starfleet's computers. After her attempts to acquire one of her peoples' old quantum singularity archives resulted in a conflict between the Federation and a culture with a conflicting ideology, Giriaenn came to understand that her species' time was long past in the galaxy.

In 2364, she ascended from the corporeal plane. There, she told Q of her recent experiences with Jean-Luc Picard. (TLE novel: The Buried Age)

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