The Githzarai was a small starship used by the Chalnoth mercenary Grauq in the 2370s decade.

In 2377, Grauq had the Githzarai docked in Harkoum's Iljar spaceport. The mirror universe Iliana Ghemor managed to steal the Githzarai and Grauq pursued her aboard another ship, the Otamawan. Grauq had to wait until the IRW Verithrax left orbit before making their next move, as Grauq did not want to attract the attention of the Romulans. After the warbird departed, Grauq intercepted the Githzarai and beamed aboard. He discovered that Ghemor had put the ship on autopilot and also armed an antipersonnel mine. The mine detonated, killing Grauq and destroying the Githzarai. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

The name of Grauq's ship is a homage to Dungeons and Dragons, where the Githzerai were a race. [1]
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