Glav was a Ferengi male who lived during the 24th century.

At some point Glav entered into a business deal with Quark. Quark undercut Glav in the business deal, causing Glav to lose everything except some property on Xerxes VI considered too useless for any creditor to want it. Glav did some geological surveys and discovered a large calvinum deposit, used by the Byfrexians to fuel their starships. He was able to sell it for two million bars of gold pressed latinum, obviously a substantial sum.

Even though taking revenge - especially unprofitable revenge - was against Ferengi law, Glav wanted some form of vengeance against Quark. When he met a shape shifter named Meta, who traveled the galaxy as an assassin for hire, Glav formulated a plan to finally take revenge against Quark.

Arriving on Deep Space 9 along with Meta, he distracted Quark from realizing his true intentions with a false scheme to purchase DS9 from Starfleet, while Meta engaged in a killing spree. The two planned that Meta would kill several innocent people, kill Quark, and then kill a few more.

When Odo finally confronted Glav after deducing the truth of what was happening on the station, Meta killed Glav. (DS9 novel: The Siege)

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