Glind in 2269.

Glind was a male Gorn who, in the 22nd century, was convicted as a murderer by the Gorn Hegemony. He, along with a number of accomplices, attempted to flee authorities in a starship, and in doing so, became stranded in an interdimensional rift within the Delta Triangle region of space. There, they encountered the society of Elysia, and eventually embraced this society's tenets of peaceful cooperation. Glind was made a member of the Elysian Council, Elysia's ruling body.

The Gorn Hegemony presumed Glind's ship had been destroyed, and considered the matter closed. However, he remained a notorious figure in Gorn culture. When Gorn Captain Lahr learned of Starfleet's discovery of Elysia, he immediately thought to ask if Glind was among the trapped survivors. Upon learning that he was indeed alive, Lahr demanded the fugitive be turned over. After a tense stand-off between the Gorn and Starfleet, Ambassador Robert Fox was able to negotiate an agreement whereby the Elysians guaranteed Glind and his accomplices would be forever barred from returning to normal space. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)

A Gorn, presumably Glind, was seen in the animated episode "The Time Trap", but was never named.




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