Glynko was a Husian man who served as a security guard on the planet Hus-24 in the 2270s.

He was in charge of Lubo and Ubo. He wore a yellow vest and was armed with an Atalskes phaser IV.

History Edit

In February 2274, the crews of the USS Enterprise and USS Venture were captured with male officers forced to mine tritanium in a mine. Glynko, Lubo and Ubo were stationed as guards within a crevice in the mine. When one of the prisoners called out several times loudly for a guard, Glynko ordered Lubo to investigate, handing him a phaser rifle and warning him to be careful. Glynko watched as Lieutenant Tulb of the Venture attacked Lubo and tried to steal his rifle. Glynko took aim at Tulb with his phaser, but accidentally missed Tulb and killed Lubo. Tulb fired back with the phaser rifle and disintegrated Glynko. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")


  • Author Thomas Warkentin inadvertently misidentified Glynko as Lubo in one panel.



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