Glynnis Campbell, or Glynn, was the wife of Montgomery Scott. She was Scottish, and came from the same region as Scott. She had green eyes and red hair. She was a good artist, and painted Scottish Highland scenes in her spare time.

She first met Scott briefly when she was five, and he was seven. On that occasion, she professed her eternal love for him. They met again at a Highland dance when Scott was fifteen and she was thirteen, and won a trophy for their dancing skills. They continued a romance until Scott was accepted into Starfleet Academy, and they went their separate ways.

They met again in 2268, several weeks after Scott had been attacked by the Greek God Apollo. The USS Enterprise had stopped at Beta Nirobi II, where Glynn was living. Scotty was stunned to learn that she had married an old friend of his, Angus McFarlane.

After the conclusion of the five-year mission, Scott discovered that McFarlane had left Glynn, and that she had moved back to Earth. In May 2271, Scott visited Glynnis and his family, and began growing a mustache as a result of the visit; one he retained for the rest of his life.

In 2280, five years before the Khan crisis, they married under a five-year marriage contract. They lived together on Earth, always assuming that Scott would never go on deep-space missions again. When Scott decided to assist in the return to the Genesis Planet, they decided not to renew the contract. This was the last time Scott saw Glynn.

During the Enterprise crew's period of exile on Vulcan, Glynn was killed in a shuttle accident. Upon her death, she left only one item to Scott: a pendant in the shape of a broken heart. (TOS comic: "Retrospect"; DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Glynnis has blonde hair on the cover of "Retrospect", but has red hair in the actual story. It is possible, but never established, that Glynnis was related to Gregor Campbell.
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