The Gold Key Archives were a set of omnibus reprints of the Gold Key Comics series of comic books originally published from 1967-1979.

They were printed on slick white paper, hardbound, with high-quality restoration and recoloring by Digikore Design Limited. The books contained new cover artwork by Michael Stribling and new introductions for each volume.


Title Issues Published Image
Gold Key Archives, Volume 1 Gold Key #1-6 August 2014 Gold-Key Archives-Volume1
Gold Key Archives, Volume 2 Gold Key #7-12 September 2014 Gold-Key Archives-Volume2
Gold Key Archives, Volume 3 Gold Key #13-18 February 2015 Gold-Key Archives-Volume3
Gold Key Archives, Volume 4 Gold Key #19-24 October 2015 Gold-Key Archives-Volume4
Gold Key Archives, Volume 5 Gold Key #25-28 & 30-31

Issue 29 was a reprint of Issue 1
April 2016 Gold-Key Archives-Volume5

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