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Goldmann is a publisher that printed translated versions of Star Trek novelizations in the German language, specifically the initial James Blish TOS adaptations that originated with Bantam Books, as well as Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek Logs adapting TAS. In Germany and German-speaking countries, Star Trek material was published under the name Raumschiff Enterprise in this era.

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Raumschiff Enterprise (Die Original-Abenteuer)Edit

  1. TOS novelization: Der unwirkliche MacCoy ("The Unreal MacCoy", corrected to "McCoy" in later editions)
  2. TOS novelization: Strafplanet Tantalus ("Penalization-Planet Tantalus")
  3. TOS novelization: Spock läuft Amok ("Spock Running Amok")
  4. TOS novelization: Das Silikonmonster ("The Silicon-Monster")
  5. TOS novelization: Der Asylplanet ("The Asylum-Planet")
  6. TOS novelization: Die Lichter von Zhetar ("The Lights of Zhetar")
  7. TOS novelization: Das Paradies-Syndrom ("The Paradise-Syndrome")
  8. TOS novelization: Der Doppelgänger ("The Duplicate")
  9. TOS novelization: Rückkehr zum Morgen ("Return for Tomorrow")
  10. TOS novelization: Ein kleiner Privatkrieg ("A Little Private-War")
  11. TOS novelization: Der Tag der Taube ("The Day of the Dove")
  12. TOS novel: Spock muß sterben! ("Spock Must Die!")
  13. TOS novelization: Jenseits der Sterne ("Beyond the Stars")
  14. TOS novel: Gefangene des Wahnsinns (Trek to Madworld)
  15. TOS novel: Welt ohne Ende (World Without End)

Der große SammelbandEdit

  1. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband (collects Der unwirkliche MacCoy, Strafplanet Tantalus and Spock läuft Amok)
  2. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband II
  3. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband III
  4. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband IV
  5. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband V
  6. TOS novelization: Der große Sammelband VI

Raumschiff Enterprise (Die neuen Abenteuer)Edit

  1. TAS novelization: Todeszone Galaxis
  2. TAS novelization: Der Überlebende
  3. TAS novelization: Der Venus-Faktor
  4. TAS novelization: Gefahr im Delta-Dreieck
  5. TAS novelization: Ums nackte Leben
  6. TAS novelization: Mordsache McCoy
  7. TAS novelization: Im Schatten schwarzer Sterne
  8. TAS novelization: Himmelfahrtskommando
  9. TAS novelization: Ein fataler Fehler
  10. TAS novelization: Die letzte Mission


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