Goloth was a male Klingon in the late 23rd century who served as an intelligence operative for the Imperial Intelligence. While on a mission on the Gorn planet of Seudath, he was under command of the section chief, Hegron.

Goloth was 170 centimeters tall with sinewy arms and slight of build. Hair, goatee and sideburns were black and close-cropped. Goloth was strong with a lot of stamina. He wore drab civilian clothes, a metallic wraparound sunshade and a disruptor pistol.

In the year 2268, Goloth was assigned to infiltrate the Orion freighter Treana and collect sensor data from the damaged vessel. The Treana was under Gorn military control in the port city of Tzoryp. Goloth was able to get in the guarded ship and after recording the sensor data, he caused an explosion that destroyed the freighter and the hangar. Starfleet Intelligence operatives Bridget McLellan and Cervantes Quinn had observed the explosion and gave chase to the Klingon spy.

Unfortunately for the Starfleet agents, they were ambushed by the Nausicaan bounty hunter Kajek. McLellan went after Goloth, who tried to get away by going through a starship construction yard. A quick firefight hit a hydrogen pod and more explosions destroying a partially built ship. Goloth escaped believing that McLellan was killed. She was able to follow him to the Klingon safe house located in the warehouse district of Tzoryp that was operating as a pest control service.

McLellan bribed an alien with 500 szekets to distract the four guards in front of the warehouse and slipped inside to find Goloth and Hegron attempting to transmit the stolen data. When Goloth attacked McLellan with a Klingon dagger she broke his arm and subdued Hegron before getting away with the encrypted data card.

Goloth was treated for his injuries by the field medic, Ragh, in the basement of the safe house. A very displeased Hegron reported that Goloth's act of sabotage had caused an international incident with the Gorn Hegemony. Hegron was ready to send Goloth to Rura Penthe before the spy had produced a second data card with a copy of the stolen sensor data. Hegron took the data card and strongly advised Goloth to leave Seudath quickly. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

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